FICA steps into Australia Cricketers’ pay dispute, supports Players

 . Last updated on July 4, 2017, 4:46 PM
FICA steps into Australia Cricketers’ pay dispute, supports Players
Vikram Solanki, FICA President, said cricket succeeds only when boards and players work with genuine partnership.

The Federation of International Cricketer’s Association (FICA) lately came up with its support to Australia Cricketers Association. Apparently, the international federation is in support of Australian players on the issue of pay dispute. FICA issued an official release stating its concerns about Cricket Australia’s adamant stand on the issue. As stated in the release, the association wants CA to keep up the previous revenue sharing model for players. They posed the model as a huge success for Australian cricket. The federation also stated, the model has become a role prototype for cricket boards all around the world. Thus, FICA does not see any need for change in the financial distribution.

FICA is trying to advocate “unity and resolve” between Australian players and the board. It wants to deal with both the parties in a “professional and transparent manner.” The international players association is also ready to use “independent mediation” if required. In response to CA’s imposition on Australian cricketers playing in other countries and international tournaments, FICA is ready to move ahead with a legal challenge. In the release, the association objected CA’s stance on the ban strongly. The federation stated, it has an “unfairly attempt to prevent players from earning a living.” Per FICA, this is a “restraint of trade” and it will be challenged legally.

Per Vikram Solanki, President of FICA, “boards should be working more collaboratively with players in current cricket landscape.” FICA stepping into the pay dispute has made player’s side heavier than the board. However, as CA has already cited ICC once to indicate a probable ban, it might approach the international council for support. If ICC supports CA, the dispute will become literally between cricketers and cricket administration at the global level. ICC’s stand on the matter will be a crux to the problem. If ICC supports ACA, that is, Australian players, it would end the dispute leading to CA’s roll back from its adamancy.

Australian cricket team has been the best in cricket winning the most numbers of ODI World Cups. The recent pay dispute will seriously damage the board’s impression as well as cricket in Australia. Revenue sharing model has an imperative contribution to what Australian cricket is today. As Graeme Smith said, he did not understand why CA is trying to change the revenue model as has already being working fine.


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