Flat Pitch and its wrath on Team India

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Flat Pitch and its wrath on Team India
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Flat Pitches are being delineated as a natural woe for bowlers, however, the question that looms is: if the problem is a legitimate one. It is not possible to maintain equal atmospheric condition and equal level of moisture in air, similarly, it is not possible to maintain a similar soil quality throughout any pitch. As the amount of moisture or breeze are hardly considered as problems, pitch quality becoming an issue should be a reason of contemplation.

For the current ODI team of India, flat pitches are emerging as the greatest trouble as the team seem to loss most of the matches in bouncy and fast grounds. The enigma adds to the state of pitches in the sub-continent. Poor pitch quality has become the identity of Indian Cricket grounds. The Jamtha Stadium episode, where ICC handed over notice to BCCI over its impoverishment, made the scar deeper. However, the team has been performing well at home grounds and at the same time, Australian pitches have become natural tight spots. The irony is, Australian grounds are considered as the fastest and hence are said to contain the best pitches. The underlining quandary of the team is actually the bowling front. The situation here is clearly similar to that of a craftsmen who is in trouble with his own tools. Indian bowlers and those on helm of the country's cricket alleging pitch quality as the issue would only steer Indian Cricket to more troubled times. And, voices like those of Indian Pitches destroying home cricket would not do any good.

In fact, Indian bowling order is weak and there are no potential bowlers who could restrict a team such as Australia within limited scores. It is apparent that India has been producing more batsmen lately than bowlers. Even if spinners like Ashwin has topped ICC Test Cricket Chart, they are not coming up as strong bet to win. On the other hand, the team has to depend on bowlers who are straight from their fitness vacations. Lack of bowlers has lead India to bring untested players into matches, even those who are out of form.

Cricket is a strategic game and the role of each player on the field is pivotal. There are rare instances like nine slips in a row, which turned out to be favoring the team. These are the instances where certain players have pushed their skill and capacity to make contradictory examples. This makes the game more interesting and keep up the spirit of the sport upbeat.
Indian players are rarely observed to have utilized innovative methods to control oppositions on ground. It appears that the team is stained with the issue of conventionalism in cricket while players take time to adopt new strategies and game plans. This stance should be uprooted by players by harnessing custom made strategies according to requirements of any game. It is beyond doubt that the bowling front should be strengthened upbringing new players. Present bowlers should be utilized up to their optimal potential by emphasizing on stringent practice.

The Indian team possesses the strongest batsmen, had there been strongest bowlers too, flat pitches would have never posed itself as a problem. The team needs impartial talents on batting and bowling fronts. Chappell did rightly said that lack of all-rounder players will be a bane for the team and predicaments the squad went through implied exactly the same.


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