Fastest 1000 runs in ODI till 2018

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Fastest 1000 runs in ODI till 2018

Fakhar Zaman is the fastest batsman in world to reach 1000 ODI runs in only 18 matches

Cricket is not always about competition, it is more about how players reach record feats creating new milestones for others. In the list of the fastest 1000 ODI runs, the first five players have reached the feat in lesser matches than 21. Interestingly, four of these were after 2000. It means, Cricket have become faster than it used to be. Here are the players reached the milestone in less than 21 matches:

  • Fakhar Zaman
  • Sir Viv Richards
  • Kevin Petersen
  • Jonathan Trott
  • Quinton de Kock
  • Babar Azam


In the ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe, Fakhar Zaman scored 85 runs off 83 balls. In the process, he became the fastest batsmen to reach 1000 ODI runs, in only 18 matches. Zaman debuted the format only a year before in June 2017. Zaman has created a strong record, which could stay for a long time because next fastest records is in 21 matches.

The second in the list, Sir Viv Richards is the only player among the first five to reach the record back in 1980. The West Indies player reached the mark in the match against England. It was in the Benson & Hedges World Series Cup match in Sydney. The next three players also scored the fastest 1000 runs in ODI in same number of matches.

Kevin Petersen, Jonathan Trott and Quinton de Kock knocked 1000 ODI runs in 21 innings. Apart from them, the sixth in the match, Babar Azam to reached 1000 ODI runs in 21 innings.

While on stadium, many players do not even realize the records they make. In fact, records are about passion that makes cricketers great. As Test is a longer game, ODI emerged as a more enjoyable format for audience. This further became intense after emergence of T20 format. The game became faster with more brute force batting and action on field. The ‘fast’ factor further became apparent in ODI as well. Naturally, a stronger play made players wreak up records faster. Here are first five players reaching 1000 ODI runs is least number of matches.

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