Faf du Plessis ready to challenge disciplinary action against Kagiso Rabada

 . Last updated on July 3, 2018, 3:49 PM
Faf du Plessis ready to challenge disciplinary action against Kagiso Rabada
Captain du Plessis termed the incident as just a shirt flick between two players.

As fines and suspensions slid one after another after the second Test match between South Africa and Australia, the incidences might make ways to controversies. In this spree of violation of code of conducts, Kagiso Rabada, the South Africa bowler is certainly had the worst quarry, being slapped with three demerit points and suspension from the final two matches. However, SA captain Faf du Plessis came out with a contrasting reference and clearly supported his bowler’s behavior. Du Plessis said, Rabada was bowling for 15 overs without any return and when he had it, he showed up this passion. The captain said, without passion there could be just a bowling machine and a robot to bat.

Du Plessis also pointed out the case of Davey Warner, saying it was more aggressive than that of Rabada’s. The captain asked why both the incidences are levelled on the same, terming both at level 2. He said, the contact between Rabada and Smith was very minimal. Meanwhile, Rabada too confronted that the incident was not intentional. Du Plessis said, “it was a shirt flick of two players”. Per the SA Skipper, his viewpoint was about “looking at the context of the series”. Stating about the match referee’s stand that since two big teams were playing the case of Davey was not deemed as a level three offence. Now the skipper questioned the same as Rabada was slapped with the level 2 offence.

South Africa is ready to contest the charges against Rabada. Du Plessis said his team’s strike rate is 0% and they will try to challenge these cases. However, he also thinks that there would be no turnovers by taking such stands. There were several incidences of indiscipline in the currently ongoing test series both on and off the field. Earlier, David Warner was seen brawling with Quinton de Kock, while now, more cases are emerging.


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