England's second greatest defeat and Ashwin's speedy 10-wicket haul

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England's second greatest defeat and Ashwin's speedy 10-wicket haul

In the fourth test against England, India achieved several milestones apart from winning the series. The team brought out several stats and records in the match. With the victory, India racked up its tally of unbeaten test matches to 17 consecutive Tests. This record is similar to the winning steak between September 1985 to March of 1987. The recent tally is better than the old one. India won 4 matches in 17, while drawing 12 in contrast to win in 13 matches now while drawing in four. With the record, India joined the elite club of being among the six teams who had the privilege of 17 matches without a defeat. However, it is still far from reaching the record by West Indies, that expended to 27 matches in 1980s.

The best record for successive test series win for any team is from England and Australia. The teams won nine series in a row. With the recent series victory, India had its fifth successive win. For the team, it is the second such record. It won against South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Sri Lanka and England. In the previous such stance, India won against Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, England and Sri Lanka.

In the recent test, England scored a hefty 400 runs to challenge India. However, the loss itself turned out as a record because there are only two such instances previously where any team lost after racking up a score of 400 or more. The first such defeat was also faced by England in 1930, losing to Australia. The next was in 2011, faced by Sri Lanka. Thus, the test match with India brought the second defeats despite of a first inning score of 400 for England.

Seam bowler, Ravichandran Ashwin struck 10 wickets in the match, combined in first and the second inning. With the recent 10 wicket haul, he earned a record tally of 7 such instances in his career. He is now the second highest 10-wicket taker in test history of India. The top record is hold by Anil Kumble, the present coach of the team, with 8 10 wicket hauls in test history. Ashwin has notched the record within a short time of 43 Test matches. In cricket history, only Sydney Barnes and Clarrie Grimmet reached the milestone faster than Ashwin. Barnes had the record in 27 Tests and Grimmett achieved 37. Following Ashwin, the next record is by Dennis Lillee, reaching the tally in 58 Test matches.


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