England to return with Sour Memories from India, faces Terrible T20 defeat in Bangalore

 . Last updated on February 2, 2017, 2:11 PM
England to return with Sour Memories from India, faces Terrible T20 defeat in Bangalore
Yuzvendra Chahal, who won the last T20 match for India, has been an IPL bowler with flying colors.

India swept the T20 series as well, adding to the final downer for England in their long tour to India. Winning the final T20 in Bangalore, India nicked the series by 2-1. It was a spectacular showdown form spinner Yuzvendra Chahal who achieved a record feat in the match. Chahal, as Kohli accoladed, had an attacking mindset, when he routed England's chase devastating the middle and lower order. Chahal's 6 wickets for 25 runs in four overs made him the best India bowler in the history of the shortest format. He also became the third best bowler in overall with his mighty accomplishment. England's rundown triggered by Chahal ended up with eight wickets in 19 runs.

The derailing began in the fourteenth over to end the chase in the seventieth. While England could reach only 127, running to scale India's 202. Jason Roy delivered a strong start but it remained all limited to Joe Root and Eoin Morgan. The latter had an excellent strike scoring 40 off 21. However, the rest could deliver nothing. Opener Sam Billings was the first one who ducked in the chase. Although he went out to bat with Roy, he did play only a single ball until 1.3 overs, before being removed by Chahal. Roy and Joe Root partnered till the seventh over hauling the chase to 55. Amit Mishra delivered the next strike taking down Roy to break the pair.

In the next stretch, Root partnered with captain Eoin Morgan for 64 runs in 7.1 overs. It was the last instance when England had the momentum. The rest of the inning will remain as a stain in England's T20 record, which Morgan latter referred as the "worst batting performance in two and half years" by his team. It began with the wicket of the skipper in 13.3 overs. England was at 3 for 119, still with strong hopes to nick the match. But Root had to follow just on the next ball as he could not pace to the ingenious variations of Chahal. The rapture did not stop. Jasprit Bumrah came up with excellent attacks to strike the next duck of the inning. Jos Butler was done away in the third ball he faced. In 119 runs, England lost three wickets exposing a shaky middle order.

In the sixteenth over, Chahal achieved a hat trick removing the middle order. Moen Ali was done away in the first ball, Ben Stokes followed him after three balls and Chris Jordan ducked in the last delivery. It changes the whole set up of the tournament making India's prospect unshakable. Bumrah came back to bowl the next over, when Liam Plunkett was bowled in the first delivery. England could not take a single run more than 127 losing the last four wickets at the score.

The chase was at 9 for 127 when Bumrah strike out Plunket. The moment, when England hanged on with the last wickets, with 75 runs to chase in about 2.3 overs, lasted for only a single ball. Because, Bumrah seemed to be impatient or may be, England's morale was so down that they just did not want to bat anymore. The bowler did not spare Tymal Mills taking the 10th wicket in a gap of a single ball. India wrapped up the match in 16.3 overs to present an errant defeat to England. The visiting team will now certainly deal with after-match sourness, but all is well in sports. May be, it is the right time to strengthen to become the winner than just being a finalist in the next World T20.


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