England seals U19 World Cup Semi-final berth with massive win against Canada

 . Last updated on January 22, 2018, 3:38 PM
England seals U19 World Cup Semi-final berth with massive win against Canada
Liam Banks and Will Jacks both thumped centuries in the match against Canada.

In a highly unbalanced tussle, England U19 team beat Canada’s in the last group stage match hauling itself to quarter finals of the tournament. Bolstered with two centuries in the inning off Liam Banks and Will Jacks, England marked the score of 383, batting first. Canada could reply this massive figure only with the strike of 101, losing the game by 282 runs. The win pulled up England to the quarter final berth along with Australia, India and Bangladesh. England’s next campaign in the stage will be against Australia.

England’s strike began with the opening blast off Tom Baton and Banks. The players scored 54 runs until Baton had to return at 27. The next stretch was off 27.2 overs partnership between Banks and Jacks. The batsmen forged the score of 186 runs with a string strike rate. Jacks thumped 102 off 82 balls, smashing 11 fours. On the other end, Banks scored 120 off 114 balls striking 12 fours and 1 six.

The partnership stretches ended when Tiaan Pretorius struck taking down both Banks and Jacks at the gap of five overs. The end thrust of the inning came up with the score of 57 from Jack Davies. The player plundered the runs playing 36 balls. Although Pretorius could do away the most threatening players in the inning, he could not stop the flow of runs. The player got three wickets giving away 69 runs.

Canada’s chase was struck early by England bowlers. R Sandhu and ED Khokhar played only 3.3 overs together. Both of them were done away by the sixth over by Roman Walker. By the seventh over, Canada hanged on 20 runs of 4 wickets as Akash Gill and Kevin Singh went off without any contribution. The inning was again attacked by Prem Sisodiya taking down three wickets at the lower order. He also bowled 4 maiden overs. Canada captain Arslan Khan added 21 taking the score to barely reach three digits. The team could sustain only for 31 overs in the match.



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