ECB open to select Ben Stokes for up-coming tournaments

 . Last updated on January 18, 2018, 2:37 PM
ECB open to select Ben Stokes for up-coming tournaments
Ben Stokes missed the Ashes Test completely following his suspension from the team.

After a considerable hiatus of Ben Stokes from international circuit, that of course, dented England’s performance in one of the most important series, the team finally opens up the player. Lately, England and Wales Cricket Board, ECB, came up with a resolution to include the player in further selection. Until now, after the Bristol incident Ben Stokes has been denied any international match, leaving him out of the Ashes series. Although, England’s appalling defeat in Ashes Series 2017 by 4-0 is not directly related to Stokes’ absence, his presence could have made some deference in the team’s overall form.

Stokes was suspended by ECB as he was waiting for conviction by the Police and Crown Prosecution Service, after found guilty at the night club brawl. The all-rounder smashed a jaw line of a person outside a night club at Bristol punching his face. The incident was all captured in a CCTV footage that gave a clear account of the incident. Apart from Stokes, opener Alex Hales was also seen in the footage trying to stop Stokes from the ruckus. Both the cricketers were suspended from the team.

Ben Stokes, on the other hand, was found looking keenly, for “an opportunity to clear” his name. ECB had a full board discussion on the issue working out to play the all-rounder again. The board decided to cut off the intermediate period of unavailability of the player as the CPS decision is still pending. Above it, the player is open to “contest the charge” during the trail. ECB termed the whole episode as “extremely difficult”.

Since the September suspension Stokes missed two ODIs against West Indies and the Ashes tour. Also, the all-rounder could not participate in the first ODI against Australia. While England was playing hard to win Ashes, Stokes got himself a game in domestic tournament of New Zealand. The player also enrolled for IPL, which would keep him barred from the team, if selected.

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