E-Auction fetches BCCI 59.39% increment, Star Sports wins exclusive rights

 . Last updated on July 3, 2018, 10:18 AM
E-Auction fetches BCCI 59.39% increment, Star Sports wins exclusive rights
Star India CEO Uday Shankar said the e-auction process was transparent.

BCCI finally had a handful gain after rolling out its e-auction bid for television and digital rights. Compared to previous bidding in 2012-18 cycle, the recent bidding fetched 59.39 % more earning for BCCI. Star Sports won the broadcasting rights for domestic and international matches under BCCI with a bidding value of INR 6138.1 Cr. The company now owns both media rights for television as well as digital platforms. The broadcasting rights is for five years commencing from April 15, 2018 to March 31, 2023. Star Sports won the rights over six companies that participated in the auction including Facebook and Google.

The e-auction began with three actual participants. In the process, the other three parties backed down due to technical and financial constraints. The companies to leave the auction were Sony Pictures Networks India, Star India Pvt. Ltd. And Reliance Industries Limited. On the final day, the bidding started at INR 4442 Cr. which went on to INR 6032.50 Cr. for global rights. Earlier in September 2017, Star India won the both India and global rights for IPL broadcasting for a period of five years. The auction fetched a whopping INR 16,347.5 Cr. to BCCI.

Star India CEO Uday Shankar said that BCCI rights are “little expensive” like everything else, expressing that the process has been a good experience. He said, the e-auction is better from the point of view of BCCI as it eventually fetched more money to them. The process was complicated and it took some time for the CEO to understand it completely. He acknowledged the transparency of the process saying one would “always know who the highest bidder is”. The process gave a better chance to participants to prepare and bid.

Star India and Star Sports emerged as an exclusive broadcasting rights holder of both IPL and BCCI matches. In the BCCI contract from 2018 to 2013, the company will broadcast 102 International fixtures involving India across all formats.



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