Duke's Journey on the race to be the Best Cricket Ball

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Duke's Journey on the race to be the Best Cricket Ball

Ravichandran Aswin, the frontline bowler from India recently commented on the suitability of Kookaburra Turf balls over that of Kookaburra Regulation balls, welcoming its use in Domestic level games as well. Cricket balls have been on focus at timely discussions within the community. On the onset of big games like T20 World Cup, player's viewpoints will render more weight to such discussions.

For manufacturers of cricket ball, opinions of players, batsman and bowlers are of high relevance, as they are the best marketing instances for the industry. Dukes, owned by Dilip Jajodia, has been one of the best choices for international cricketers. Although the brand has received accolades from top batsman like Ricky Ponting as well as from top bowlers like Shane Warne, Mr. Jadodia is still keen on improvement of the ball. He wants to manufacture the ball specifically for general playing condition of different countries. According to him, the surface finish of the ball could be customized according to the requirement of pitches in particular countries.

For day and night matches, the choice of balls becomes more significant. Although the orange ball with a black seam was welcomed by players, it was rejected later due to a belief that it leaves a comet trail behind on camera monitors. Jajodia concluded that neither pink nor orange balls could be the best choice for day and night cricket. On the other hand, orange colored balls lose their fluorescence and becomes dull as the game progress. This leaves the choice of while balls on the brighter side for day night matches.

Jajodia Claims that no two cricket balls can be exactly the same. Balls are an amalgamation of leather, cork, latex and the hand stich on the seam. The choice of leather from back or from belly of the animal to determines the strength of the ball. The four quarters of leathers used in a single ball should be consistent with density and strength. For tough balls it should be ensured that the segments are from the back leather of the animal. The technicalities involved in a cricket ball are many providing each of them a unique identity. According to Jajodia, individuality of a ball extents to its tolerances in its dimensions; its circumference and the weight. Each ball takes four hours of intense craftsmanship.

The feeling on holding a ball is the best determiner of its quality. The Duke Ball manufacturer says that there is no precise formula for choosing the right ball. The feeling just got to be right; if the bowler is happy, everything is good. Moreover, cricket balls cannot be bounced like tennis ball for testing, because, even testing the ball could make it second-hand.

Presently Duke's red balls are used in all Test matches and first class cricket in England and West Indies. The journey of the ball is impressive being one of the commonly accepted qualities in cricket matches all over the globe. Still, Jajodia is trying to offer more attributes to the brand one the way to its perfection.


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