DRS makes maiden appearance at India-England Test, BCCI satisfied with improvements

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DRS makes maiden appearance at India-England Test, BCCI satisfied with improvements

Be it on a trail, BCCI, at last, coincided to the use of DRS on Indian soil. Only a fortnight night before the start of the India England Test match at Rajkot, the board declared its decision to implement the system. However, as it is rolled out only on a trial basis, it is evident that BCCI’s intension is only to evaluate the claimed improvements in the system. However, as reported, BCCI is satisfied with the new and modified version of the technology. It is claimed that the concerns raised by the board are all addressed to a significant extent. DRS will be used in all the five Test matches between England and India.

Apart from the aspects used generally, the system introduced in India is with several extra features. Among others, the ultra-motion sensor camera and introduction of ultra-edge are the primary. The ultra-motion cameras will allow better ball tracking by calculating the predictive path with more precision. Ultra-edge would also allow control by manual intervention. The technology is MIT approved and determination of frame impact will be more accurate with the new system. The accuracy of prediction is also increased by negating the effects of post-impact balls on the impact point. This is done using the Ultra Edge technology.

Moreover, Hawk-Eye has made substantial improvement on multiple fields. Now the technology is developed to record and save all images in case of a failure of a tracking system. Earlier, a probability existed that operators could have missed a ball or even an appeal. Now the images can be replayed and payed back. Another improvement is the addition of extra cameras to increase the reliability on DRS.

BCCI highlighted that it was reluctant to accept the DRS system as there were several questions on its foolproof nature worldwide. The technology was considered as a fancy addition and its imperatives became evident only lately. There were also some conspiracy theories on the system and some even professed the idea of how it can be manipulated. Another argument was the importance of relying on on-field umpires. Umpires always has been an integral part of the game, who made it more thrilling. DRS will completely remove the instances like benefit of doubt. It cannot be ignored that a game is more interesting with only human and all his errors, without any intervention of technology. Meanwhile some batsmen support DRS as it eradicates situations like 50-50 when umpires become all-in-all. In such situations, most of the decisions by umpires went against the batsmen.

As the system is used in the currently ongoing test matches, the player's viewpoints will also find a respectable place. So far, in the second day of the first test, there has been no decision that clashed with the system and the game is progressing fine.


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