Dravid shares award money with supporting stuff

 . Last updated on July 4, 2018, 3:07 PM
Dravid shares award money with supporting stuff
Rahul Dravid denied to accept more money than other supporting stuffs as remuneration for winning U19 World Cup.

Rahul Dravid, the men behind India Under-19 team’s success, seems to have vowed to remain aloof from the common trend. This person is certainly ahead of everyone when it comes to dedication, goodwill and character. Known for his simplicity and excellent professionalism, Dravid has been a harbinger of equality wherever he has been. It is not the first time, the former India captain is on news for his goodwill gestures, but this time it involves his monetary reward, which is clearly another accolade for him.

Not much long before, Dravid declined offers of doctorates from two universities in Karnataka. Lately, he declined to have full share of his monetary reward after India Under-19 won the World Cup title. He asked BCCI to share his reward with players as well as support staff of the team. BCCI granted an award of INR 50 Lakhs to the coach, INR 30 lakhs each to players and 20 lakhs to each support staff. However, Dravid informed that he would not accept more than the support staff. The reason is his believe that each one of them played equal role in winning the title.

Chairman of Committee of Administration, Vinod Rai accepted the proposal. Per the new decision, Dravid and each of supporting staff will receive 25 lakhs each, dividing the amount equally. Rai said, the head coach felt that all support staff should be adequately compensated. It has been a general tradition to pay higher remuneration to senior staff than the rest. However, in past, players have been always paid more than the coach. It was the first time a coach was paid more than players.

Dravid also submitted a list of coaches and staff who assisted him in the tournament. The compensation was allotted to persons named in the list. It included Paras Mhambrey, Abhay Sharma, Yogesh Parmar, Anand Date, Mangesh Gaikwad and Devraj Raut.



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