Dhoni is doing absolutely fine: Kohli

 . Last updated on November 10, 2017, 4:22 PM
Dhoni is doing absolutely fine: Kohli
Kohli, the captain, said MS Dhoni is fit and understand his game, supporting the former captains importance.

After India won the T20 series against New Zealand, Virat Kohli sided with MS Dhoni in a press meet. The India captain came in support of the former captain when questions were raised about his strike rate. Vohli bluntly said that no one asks question when his own strike rate is poor, but when Dhoni cannot strike, everybody is at haste to point him out.

Kohli said, that thinks this is happening because of age difference. He is 29 now and MS Dhoni is 36. Kohli made it clear that age is not a factor if a cricketer is fit. MS Dhoni passes the fitness test and he is not the one who should be questioned. Kohli is quite definitive of Dhoni immense importance in the team. In the first T20 at Rajkot the former skipper scored 49 off 37 balls, but in the following matches, the top cricket could not keep up the pace.

In the after-match interview at Thiruvananthapuram, Kohli complained, he is “not able to understand” by people only points out Dhoni. He emphasized that Dhoni is fit and is contributing completely to the team in every possible way. The skipper lauded his on-field tactics and his competence with the bat. Kohli pointed out the former captain’s strike and game in the recently concluded Australia series. In the series, Dhoni played as a crucial player supporting the batting line up at number 6. His importance was fairly apparent as the end game salvager of the team every time when the top batting line up collapse. Dhoni was the prime bet for India’s series victory over Australia.

Kohli concluded his comment with a solace that as players and team management the actual situation is clear to them. He also said that there is no reason to “get emotional and excited” by opinions of people. He said, people looks from a different point of view. Kohli confirmed that Dhoni is doing “absolutely fine” it is just that he does not come out every time. Virat Kohli appealed people to be more patient.


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