Delhi draws Ranji match with Assam

 . Last updated on October 12, 2017, 2:47 PM
Delhi draws Ranji match with Assam
Gautam Gambhir scored 137 runs in the inning.

In the Group A match between Delhi and Assam, the team drew the Test. Delhi scored 435 runs in the first inning. Assam scored 258 in the first inning as a reply. In the second inning, Delhi added another 49 runs for 2 wickets to declare the inning early. Batting in the second inning, Assam scored another 255 to draw the match.

Gautam Gambhir scored 137 runs in the first inning. The match also had the score of Nitish Rana, who hammered 110 runs. Assam bowler Ahmed took seven wickets for 68 runs in the inning. The best score in Assam's inning was from Purkayastha, 66 and Gokul, 51. Ishant Sharma had a five wickets haul. In the second inning, Sabsankar Roy shot 87 runs, while Wasiqur Rahman scored 63.

There was a controversy after the match and Assam was accused of slow over. Unmukt Chand, the player from Delhi claimed that Assam should have bowled 10 to 14 overs more, which would have given Delhi a chance to win. Chand said, it was a deliberate attempt by Assam to delay and draw the match. The player also said, it was not about the win or loss. It was about the points in the match. The issue was also conveyed to the umpire, but nothing much was done. He said, Delhi only required two or three overs to change the result. However, Chand said, it was normal and any team would take the same route in the situation.

The Group B match between Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir was also draw. Rajasthan scored 330 and 246 in its two overs. While, Jammu & Kashmir scored 436 runs in a single inning. There were high scores in both the sides. In the first inning, Rajasthan player Bist scored 113 runs. In the second inning, Bishnoi was unbeaten at 101 runs. J&K player Bandy scored another century, 102 runs.


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