De Villiers wants to quit Test format

 . Last updated on June 27, 2017, 3:32 PM
De Villiers wants to quit Test format
AB de Villiers is one of the top ODI batsmen.

August, this year, could be the last time AB de Villiers will play an international test. The top player has been contemplating to retire from the format since a year and the recent stance is the second attempt of the player. The top ODI cricketer wanted to retire from Test format last year, but Cricket South Africa did not want to lose him. The board requested the player to re-consider his decision and wait for a year.

In contrast, de Villiers wants to keep on playing alongside the ODI and T20 team until the next World Cup season. Per the player, the new coach of South Africa will have considerable impact on his future with the team. The team will have a new coach by August. This is the reason de Villiers will talk with officials about his retirement. The present coach of South Africa, Russell Domingo will end his stint by August and he did not re-apply for the same.

A year before, there were reports that the player wanted to retire from Test due to his elbow injury. AB de Villiers is the captain of South Africa’s Test side. If the player retires, CSA will have to find another player for the role. There was a long hiatus for the player after being injured, missing many test matches. He did not play the test series against New Zealand, Australia, and Sri Lanka last season.

Graeme Smith wrote that that travelling and other physical constraints associated with Test is another reason AB de Villiers wants to quit Test. Per Smith, the player has already made huge sacrifices for his country and he is trying to leave Test circuit only to prepare well for World Cup 2019. The senior coach wants the player to quit captaincy, but not the team. Per Smith, leaving captaincy will enable him to concentrate more on the game. On the other hand, de Villiers said there are “quite a few things changing in South African cricket.”


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