David Warner says he will be most "aggressive and corrosive" in Ashes

 . Last updated on October 17, 2017, 4:26 PM
David Warner says he will be most
Hot head cricketer David Warner speaks up about his aggression.

The Bristol incident also touched David Warner at the latest as he took a jibe on Ben Stokes. He reminded that he was suspended earlier for much less than what Stokes' footage showed. Earlier in 2013, Warner was suspended for punching Joe Root in a night club. Warner had to pass through a series of formalities including delivering a public apology in London.

It was an episode of his career that dragged his game down. However, his rebound into the game was massive, turning as the key player in the current squad. The incident also had an imprint in the Australian team as the sacking of coach Mickey Arthur. There were no investigation or footage of the incident between Root and Warner.

David Warner further stated in Ashes series he will be in his most "aggressive and corrosive" form. Warner is famous for his strikes especially after an exchange of words. His aggressive stance after the scuffle with Rohit Sharma was quite apparent. The striker said when it comes to Ashes, it become a "massive thing." The player further added, everyone in the playing circuit are "mates" but hatred is built sometimes. He said, he is personally uncomfortable with such situation.

Warner explained some on-field emotions, looks or searing he gets as a batsman. He said, such happenings are exciting and people like them. He said it is obvious that players cannot overstep the mark. He said the "ICC umpires can take actions over little things", urging players to remain cautious. He also pointed out the stump mice as the "big one." Warner thinks even if aggression is not expected to happen on cricket, it occurs. The player termed them as "little things" that gets going.

The top cricketer further said that he is fortunate enough to come out of the controversy back in 2013. He said he dealt with the situation and moved on. On Rohit Sharma incident he said, he was disappointed. He said, he was not a racist or anything like that.


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