David Richardson bets for Inclusion of Cricket in Olympics

 . Last updated on March 31, 2017, 12:37 PM
David Richardson bets for Inclusion of Cricket in Olympics
David Richardson bets for Inclusion of Cricket in Olympics

ICC has been trying to get into Olympics with its bid to include Cricket in the big tournament. ICC CEO David Richardson said, it is the right time to make the decision to apply for 2024 Olympics. He said, they will have to act within months. Cricket was presented in Olympics only once, back in 1900, in its Paris venue. Also, Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin, who is known as Father of modern Olympics was keen to include the game. Richardson said ICC can submit an application to IOC by September and they should start the process of discussion by July. He however, made he it clear that “it is not what cricket wants, it’s whether IOC wants” cricket.

The CEO pointed out, inclusion of cricket in Olympics would help the game to globalize and the growth would outweigh any negatives. Posing these as the overall benefit of cricket he confirmed that majority of members think that the time is right to work on the process. Richardson further clarified the push would be only to include T20 format. Also, it would be only limited to top six or eight T20 teams. However, there are concerns. Among the most important ones is the probability of lack of time. As cricket throughout the globe is being a busy schedule with nations finding it hard to clear time for all the formats, inclusion in IOC might harm cricket’s own cause.

Cricket in Olympics would have better prospects for teams such as India, as countries like England and some Caribbean nations has been completing individually. Thus, even if cricket is included, some active members might not compete in the games. This is also looked into as a trouble. However, per Richardson, it is not about which teams go to Olympics and it is more about the access to government funding for development of cricket in member nations through IOC.


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