Darren Bravo returns to Indies team after Mutual Apologies

 . Last updated on July 14, 2017, 2:30 PM
Darren Bravo returns to Indies team after Mutual Apologies
Darren Bravo is among the senior most players in the West Indies team, with strong record throughout all formats.

Darren Bravo is among the most notable cricketers of West Indies. But Cricket is supposed to be a gentlemen’s game. Misbehaviors and sour words are not part of it. Earlier, Bravo taunted Dave Cameron, the WICB President, as a ‘big idiot’. It was a repercussion of Cameron’s statement in a TV Show back in November 2016. He stated, Darren Bravo’s A Contract is not correct. The cricketer’s contract was downgraded to Grade C even if his performance was the best in the team. This was considered as a mistreatment by the player, which came out as an out lash on Twitter.

Bravo’s contract was cancelled immediately and was asked to apologies. However, the player did not back off his stance breaking away from the country’s primary cricket circuit for more than eight months until recently. The breakthrough came up only after WICB and West Indian Players Association mediated the issue. Both Dave Cameron and Darren Bravo apologized to one another ending the impasse.

Cameron cleared the air stating his apology. The president said he had no intension to “insult or offence” Bravo. Terming his words as ‘misstatement’, he said, “Darren is a senior cricketer who has been a valuable part of the Windies set up for a long time.” He further wished to see Bravo “continue to progress and mature, at both regional and international level.” In reply, Bravo wished to “withdraw the comment” on Twitter and “apologize to the President” and fans of the country. He termed his response as “inappropriate”.

Following the statements of apologies from both sides, Bravo is brought back to cricket circuit of the country. The player is provided an A contract again, which will make him available for selection for international fixtures. West Indies team found itself slogged in all formats of the game after losing its top brass in batting front. The team desperately need strong players like Darren Bravo.


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