CSA opens Pandora's Box of financial setbacks

 . Last updated on October 16, 2017, 11:59 AM
CSA opens Pandora's Box of financial setbacks
CSA wants to postpone the Global T20 League tournament, which it scheduled before.

The halfway reached Global T20 may turn out as a Pandora's Box for Cricket South Africa. The board is hit with massive financial issues arising out of contract terminations. As the decision to postpone the T20 Global League was taken, several problems emerged starting from contract with teams, players, and broadcasting partners. A recent financial hit was from Ortus Sport and Entertainment. The board will be billed millions of dollars for terminating the contract, as a compensation to the broadcaster. The primary reason to postpone the tournament was lack of adequate financial backup. Now, CSA's woes doubled.

Ortus is only one of the handful of broadcasters CSA signed the contract with. It is a new company established just months before. Per Moroe Thabang the discussion between CSA and Ortus is going on currently. The new CEO, Moroe, flew with Naasei Appiah, the Chief Financial Officer to meet the company head in London. CSA will also have a board meeting when the settlement issues will be discussed. The board is trying to continue with the league, which could solve several issues.

CSA formed a separate panel to oversee Global T20 League. Additionally, a sub-committee is also formed comprising of Iqbal Khan, Von Zeuner and Moroe himself. This committee will handle the issues pertaining to the league. Above it, the directors of CSA Norman Arendse, Vusi Pikoli, Dawn Mokhobo and Louise von Zeuner will head the process. The board will take the help of judiciary to investigate the whole fiasco.

An issue with the right was related to the Indian market. It is being reported that Ortus head, Nair and ex-chairman Haroon Lorgat did not handle the Indian broadcast market properly. Also, BCCI restricted its players to participate in the league. In fact, IPL has already encompassed the cricket broadcasting market, leaving out only a little for other.


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