Cricket World Cup 2019, a purview of Teams and Schedules

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Cricket World Cup 2019, a purview of Teams and Schedules

A couple of cricketers are set to retire after World Cup 2019.

Cricket World Cup in recent news

Every World Cup season arrives with special attractions and features. Especially, for senior cricketers, World Cup tournaments have been the threshold of their career in International cricket. Cricket World Cup 2019 will also host some of the top cricketers on their final appearance in International cricket. Amidst the fanfare of the upcoming big tournament, reports on probable quitting of players after the World Cup are hitting headlines one after another. With less than 8 months to go, several players have lineup themselves to play the tournament for the final time. Among others, Pakistan’s Shoaib Malik, Dale Steyn of Team South Africa are expected to retire from ODI after the game. There might be more players in the list. For instance, MS Dhoni, former India Captain is being posed since some years to retire after the 2019 World Cup.

10 teams to battle in the tournament

Apart from news of probable retirements, the game plan is almost ready. Ten teams will participate in Cricket World Cup 2019. These teams are Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies.  

Afghanistan is among the new entrants in the tournament. The young team has been a creating impressive sensations across the world. In a recent series against Ireland, they nicked the tournament by 2-1. Australia went through a couple of troublesome times in past years. Even if the world champions are not in their best shape, a team like Australia simply cannot be ignored. The team is through a makeover as the players are being shuffled and reshuffled for the best combination.

Team Pakistan won the 2017 ICC Championship Trophy.

Team Pakistan won the 2017 ICC Championship Trophy.

Bangladesh has been through ups and down. Recently Sabbir Rahman was slapped with a six month ban as a disciplinary action by BCB. The team is preparing hard for the upcoming Asia Cup now. England has been playing with a strong form. There are many players who are through their top performances in recent times now. India, meanwhile, is trying to fill in the gaps with new players. In the recent tests against England, the team was accompanied by a couple of debutants.

New Zealand appointed Gary Stead as their new head coach. This is certainly a part of the larger plan to cope with the requirements of Cricket World Cup 2019. Although, Pakistan Cricket Board is going through some changes, they are successful to keep the team intact with the best players. Furthermore, the team won the latest Champions Trophy last year and is among the best ODI teams currently.

Set to begin from May 30

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is set to begin on May 30. A total of 48 ODIs will be played in the tournament starting from May and ending by mid-July. Most of the matches are scheduled at 3 PM local time of England, while only a couple of matches on Saturdays are scheduled at 6 PM. 45 ODIs will be played before the semi-final phase. The last league match of the tournament will be played on July 06. On the day, two matches are scheduled between Sri Lanka and India, and Australia and South Africa. The first match on may 30 is between England and South Africa. The two semi-finals are scheduled on July 09 and July 11. The final match is on July 14, which is a Sunday.

The final match of World Cup 2019 is scheduled on July 14 in Lord’s of England.

The final match of World Cup 2019 is scheduled on July 14 in Lord’s of England.

The 2019 version is the 12th edition of Cricket World Cup. England and Wales won the hosting rights of the tournament back in April 2006. England was awarded the rights after they withdrew from the bidding to host the 2015 season. This is the fifth time, England will be hosting a world cup tournament. Previously, the nation hosted Cricket World Cup in 1975, 1979, 1983, and 1999.

This time, the tournament will follow the single group rule. Each of the teams will play against the nine other teams. In previous versions of the world cup, 14 teams were featured. For the 2019 version, eight teams were selected, while other two were decided on the basis of 2018 Cricket World Cup Qualifier. The 2019 World Cup will be the first tournament which will not feature all the Test playing nations. This version is also the first world cup tournament to feature no Associate members.

Per the fixture list, which was released on 26 April of 2018, 11 venues are decided by the ICC. The matches will be played in Chester-le-Street, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Lord’s, The Oval, Taunton and Southampton. The previous version of world cup in 2015 was hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand. In 2023, India is set to host the cricket world cup.

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