The dangerous Bouncer's Dilemma in Cricket

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The dangerous Bouncer's Dilemma in Cricket

Cricket is never meant to be a bloody game, but the instance that happened a year back, death of Phillip Hughes, hit by a bounced ball, was unfortunate enough to provoke a second though. In front of live cameras and hundreds of spectators, the ball took away the player, changing the impression of cricket for good. Even in fierce cricket world cup battles, bouncers were never seen with such deadly strikes. The physical threat of a cricket ball did come into light when Douglas Jardine used deathly bounces against Don Bradman decades back. The unfortunate act developed into new rules in the game with bodyline, just to render such offensive strategies less effective. However, the Hughes’ death provoked fresh concerns over the issue of safety on the pitch.

There are many instances even after the unfortunate accident that kept on repeating, but delivered strong blows to bowlers. After hitting Virat Kohli's helmet, Mitchell Johnson, the recently retired bowler questioned his own methods and approach. Eoin Morgan, after being hit on head on an ODI in September 2015 was immediately laid off the ground. The bowler, Mitchell Starc admitted that he was terrified at the sight. It has been observed in especially in ODI's and cricket world cup matches that fast bowlers have been using bounce balls only to make a defensive and tough batsmen uncomfortable. This category balls contribute less towards taking meaningful wickets and more towards making the batsman to hop, jump and squirm. Bounce balls from a fast bowlers makes cricket a contests between the bowler and the batsman rather than a game between two teams.

The community must take stringent decisions on the issues surrounding fast bouncers. The physical threats of a bouncer to a batsman is serious enough to transform it into a critical issue. Without muzzling the Bouncer Dilemma, cricket will lose a vital aspect of being an exciting game. There must be strong endeavor in the community to make the game safe for players. The cricket community must take strong but intuitive decision to address the concern.


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