Cricket South Africa on jeopardy due to Global T20 decisions

 . Last updated on October 11, 2017, 2:33 PM
Cricket South Africa on jeopardy due to Global T20 decisions
Cricket South Africa CEO Haroon Lorgat was sacked due to the controversy around Global T20 tournament.

Cricket South Africa is currently through a troublesome time erupting due to prospects of the Global T20 event. The board will face issue from multiple fronts if it suspends or postpones the scheduled tournament. The Global T20 was set to begin from November with eight franchisees. However, after a much debate over the returns and profitability prospects of the tournament, there was a decision to postpone the event.

CEO of Cricket South Africa, Haroon Lorgat resigned over the concerns bringing on Thabang Moroe as the new CEO of the board. Now, Moroe states that the decision to set up the Global T20 was, in fact, a "no brainer." Per the CEO, the league has a very low value of potential broadcast and sponsorships. CSA projected a loss of OSD 6 million to 8 million per year for next five years, if they move on with the league tournament.

So far, 144 players were drafted into the tournament comprising of eight franchises. Seven of this eight franchisee owners are from abroad South Africa. Lorgat is now accused off withholding information pertaining to the league tournament, as new data unfolded. The matter will be investigated and CSA will set up a complete team to deal with the issue. There are also reports about a prior connection with the franchisees with Lorgat, the former CEO. The owners have a mixed response on the decision. There are some who expects the tournament to go on while others are thinking to turn their backs.

Moroe knows several international players will be impacted with the change of schedule. This might also lead to heavy financial burden on CSA as compensation to players. Also, stadium owners, franchises and other stake holders will feel the heat of the decision. South Africa already had a T20 league, which would have been devaluated with the emergence of the new Global T20 league. CSA is also looking to move forward the existing league to fill the schedule gap created by the withheld of Global T20.


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