Cricket Australia Chairman rejects mediation roles proposed by Cricketers Association

 . Last updated on May 18, 2017, 9:36 AM
Cricket Australia Chairman rejects mediation roles proposed by Cricketers Association
David Peever is ready to find “common grounds” but termed the mediation request as “extraordinary.”

To settle the differences of opinions and expectations Australian Cricketers Association wanted a mediator to help it out with Cricket Australia. The association approached Cricket Australia to negotiate the current offers. In reply, David Peever, Chairman of the Board rejected the offer outright. An official letter was issued to the Associations’ president Greg Dyer by the chairman stating the request of mediation as “extraordinary.” Cricket Australia is bent to scrap the current revenue distribution among Australian players based on fixed percentage model. The model was on place in the last 20 years, and players are resisting the proposal vehemently.

Reportedly, CA found the preconditions of the request latter as “unacceptable.” Per Peever, the issues of contentions are genuine. The Board agreed that from ACA’s perspective, the proposals may be contentious. However, the chairman said the association should not be an insurmountable barrier to the start of good faith and negotiation. The tussle has gone up to another level with a harsh message from chief executive James Sutherland. Right after the reply letter was issued, Sutherland said the existent contracts of players would cease after June. It means, cricketers would be left without payments after June 30, if the Association keeps up with their adamancy.

The letter was rather descriptive. It stated ACA has been demanding certain preconditions even before preparing to begin the negotiations. The chairman wrote, this has been the major roadblock for the parties to find a solution. He hoped a “more constructive and conventional approach” must be taken to work with the proposals.

Throughout the tussle, the chairman has been mild and determined. However, CEO James Sutherland seemed highly aggressive to bring down the new regulations. Peevar said the objective of the negotiations would be to work through the new proposals. He wanted to identify the areas of agreement or in principle agreement and the areas of ongoing disagreement. He is confident to find a “common ground” to build further momentum.


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