Coach of India U19 Team hails performance after England showdown

 . Last updated on August 21, 2017, 2:54 PM
Coach of India U19 Team hails performance after England showdown
Skipper Prithvi Shaw is one of the top players in the Under 19 circuit.

The road ahead in the future of Indian Cricket is full of optimism as the Under 19 team is emerging as a formidable within its own circuit. The next World Cup U19 will be in New Zealand and after six months and the young India team started eying the event. Recently, in the tour to England, the U19 team of India slogged their counterparts by a massive victory by 7-0. There were two Test and five ODIs in the series and the visitors nicked it all. Such a victory has incited coach WV Raman to comment that the U19 team of India is much better than its adversaries. He said the team is, ‘far superior’.

Per Raman, the ecosystem of growth of Junior cricketers in India is excellent and is ‘probably the best in the world’. He also hailed the Under-16 group in this regard. He added young Indian cricketers get to play numerous matches at very good venues and are well supported by the system. India cricketers in the age are at more advantageous position than their counterparts in other countries. In India, junior cricketers start playing for state Under 19 teams or on Zonal games. They participate at off season camps that boost their skills and help them to gain proficiency.

In the current Under 19 team, players like Abhishek Sharma, Prithvi Shaw, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi and Harvik Desai are with good talent and skills, per the coach. He pointed the recent success of the team as great optimism. Winning the tournament in England, the team has proved their capability to adapt into different situation and different condition. Raman also handpicked several individual performances to highlight the young talents in the tour. Per the coach, consistency across different format and condition is a strong sign for the team.


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