CoA pulls off BCCI's wire on Palam Incident

 . Last updated on November 7, 2017, 2:19 PM
CoA pulls off BCCI's wire on Palam Incident
In a recent incident a person drove a Wagon R into the ongoing Ranji Trophy match in Palam Ground.

In the Ranji Trophy match between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, a person drove into the pitch disrupting the match. In a move to investigate the incident, BCCI formed a committee. However, the CoA interrupted and halted the formation citing it “unnecessary”. BCCI’s initiative remained limited to formation of the security committee. It comprised of Anirudh Chaudhary, Jay Shah, and Abhishek Dalmiye. Chaudhary is the acting treasurer of BCCI, while Jay Shah and Abhishek Dalmiye represents Gujarat and Bengal Cricket Board respectively.

However, Vinod Rai, CoA Chairman, said there was no consultation from the committee on the matter. Rai argued that Palam ground is maintained by Air Force and the security of the premises is also managed by the forces. Per Rai, the department will not allow BCCI or any other civilian agency to investigation without relevant supporting documents.

Rai said that there will be “tangible benefits” from the long exercise, which will be involved in the process of collecting documents and preparing a report. The process will entangle BCCI in unnecessary inconvenience, as cited by the Chairman. The committee was disbanded only within an hour after it was formed. BCCI was to investigate the matter internally, but the officials formed the committee without any discussion with the CoA.

The Board members were quite upbeat in forming the security committee. It was highlighted such BCCI officials has been indulging in such instances that brings no results on accounts of travelling around the country. Such schemes often create unnecessary hurdles for the administration with several other departments of the government. This disrupts the normal activities of BCCI, impacting on more relevant issues. The CoA visualized the present stance of BCCI forming a security committee as an attempt to create an unnecessary fuss. Moreover, such issues should be handled by full-members rather than the acting officials of the board.


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