CoA lashes back at JKCA stating allegation as 'misleading'

 . Last updated on September 13, 2017, 4:36 PM
CoA lashes back at JKCA stating allegation as 'misleading'
Per CoA Chairman Vinod Rai, JKCA is misleading its players with crooked information.

The Jammu & Kashmir Cricket Association accused BCCI for not disbursing funds, which allegedly, disrupted cricket in the state. Now the Board informed that it does not even have the money to participate in the Ranji Trophy only weeks ahead. As the board expressed disinterest in participation in the tournament senior player Samiullah Beigh himself e-mailed Vinod Rai, the Chairman of Committee of Administration, BCCI. The player pleaded for personal intervention of Rai on the matter.

Lately, the CoA responded to the stance of JKCA citing the allegation as misleading. Furthermore, the committee made it clear that the Board will not concede such pressure. It withheld the prior stand on the non-disbursement of fund to state boards, reminding the order from Supreme Court. Per the norms, JKCA is a non-compliant board of the Lodha Recommendations and hence BCCI cannot release funds.

The CoA fired back at the allegation stating a portrayal of misleading figures. The state Board alleged that the J&K team cannot take part in Ranji due to inaction of BCCI or the CoA, but it was due to lack of funds. Per the committee, if cricket in the state will suffer, it will be due to the approach of JKCA. They stated, only the JKCA and its officials will be responsible for depreciation of cricket in the state. Previously, in April, the BCCI disbursed funds to third-party vendors who supply aids state associations. This will allow cricket teams to participate in the Ranji Trophy even if their boards are non-compliant of the Lodha Recommendations.

In October 2016, the Supreme Court ordered state associations to sign written confirmation on acceptance of Lodha Panel's recommendation. To this JKCA did not adhere remaining adamant to the order. The board did not appoint an Administrator, even if its official said that it will implement the Recommendations. However, there were no written undertakings as well.


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