CoA appoints Tufan Ghosh as new COO of NCA

 . Last updated on December 13, 2017, 4:46 PM
CoA appoints Tufan Ghosh as new COO of NCA
Tufan Ghosh, the newly appointed COO, will be responsible to manage the establishment of the new NCA facility.

National Cricket Academy is set to pace up with a new shift in BCCI administration. Recently, a well-known professional in the industry, Tufan Ghosh, was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of the establishment. NCA is the only premier cricket coaching center for budding players. The institution was sought dormant since long, even if it produced some of the best cricketers in team India. Earlier, its administration was panned for not producing adequate results. The academy, allegedly, was overlooked by old leaderships of BCCI. The appointment of Ghosh as the COO is expected to be a push forward to its productivity.

BCCI is planning further to set up a new facility for NCA in outskirts of Bengaluru. As confirmed in a statement, the board bought a 40 acres land near the Aerospace Park of the city. The new facility will be built at Arebinnamangala Village. Tufan Ghosh will be the primary official to oversee the establishment of this new center. Ghosh has an experience of 29 years in healthcare and hospitality management. He was also the CEO of Colombia Asia Group back in 2005. The Committee of Administration took the initiative to find and appoint Mr. Ghosh as the COO of NCA.

Per Vinod Rai, Chairman of CoA, for such a huge project, a cricketer cannot be the ideal person to manage. The board required someone with relevant experience in handling and managing large projects. Rai said to realize the vision of NCA, a project manager was necessary, with both short term and long-term perspective. He said, in short term, Ghosh will oversee the building and establishment of NCA for three to five years, while in long-term, the designation will be the in-charge of the facility. The CoA Chairman said the ‘master plan, vision and concept for NCA’ is ready.



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