Claire Polosak to become first women to umpire Men's List A game

 . Last updated on October 5, 2017, 3:14 PM
Claire Polosak to become first women to umpire Men's List A game
Claire Polosak believes its all about the little bit of nerves and she dont care about it.

A history is on the making in cricket. It will be for the first time in cricket history when a woman will umpire a men cricket match. Claire Polosak will be the first women to officiate an on-field umpire in a men's cricket match. It will be the first in domestic fixture and it has not happened so far in international matches. It is the first time in any List A match in the world. The match where Polosak will umpire is between New South Wales and Cricket Australia XI. It is scheduled at Hurstville Oval. She will have Paul Wilson as the co-umpire. Polosak is from Goulburn in Australia.

While Polosak will umpire for the first women to umpire in List A men's game, she will join the group of women who umpired in first class men's game. Earlier, Kathy Cross, Jacqueline Williams and Sue Redfern has umpired in men's first-class matches. Cross is from New Zealand, Williams is from West Indies and Sue Redfern is from England. Polosak said, she is a bit nervous but she said, she has a little bit of nerves and she don't care. She said, it's all about getting all the "butterflies going in the same direction." He said she love challenges.

Polosak added, she never played cricket, but she has always followed the game. She told, her parents got her into umpiring. She reckoned how her father used to leave her on the training ground. It all started with her friend who gave her a flyer stating that she knew from her father that Claire liked cricket. Polosak stated the phone call for the current umpiring a special one. She got the call from Simon Taufel. On protective gears while umpiring, Polosak said if Cricket Australia provides them, she will wear it. She believes, if there is good positioning and watching the ball, the chance of injury is reduced.


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