Chandika to stay as Head Coach until Bangladesh-Sri Lanka tournament

 . Last updated on November 24, 2017, 4:03 PM
Chandika to stay as Head Coach until Bangladesh-Sri Lanka tournament
Chandika Hathurisingha, the head coach of Bangladesh resigned from the designation, apparently, to join Bangladesh team.

Chandika Hathurisingha, the Head Coach of team Bangladesh resigned from the team without any prior indication or inkling to his decision. Bangladesh Cricket Board hired the former Sri Lanka cricketer to be with the team until the next World Cup season of 2019. BCB officials tried to persuade the coach to remain with the team, while they did not accept his resignation. Earlier, the Board officials confirmed the issue would be discussed specially at the formal meeting. Shunning further hopes for Bangladesh, Hathurisingha was resolute on his decision to end his stint with Bangladesh.

Lately, facets on the background of his resignation emerged. Thilanga Sumathipala, Sri Lanka Cricket president asked the BCB CEO if they could appoint Hathurisingha as their next head coach. SLC wanted the former player to coach his home team rather than imparting his experience to team Bangladesh. Sri Lanka team is scheduled to play against Bangladesh in an all format tournament beginning from January 15. It is assumed that Hathurisingha wanted to join Sri Lanka before the tournament. However, following the contract, as Chowdhury point out, the head coach would be with the Bangladesh team until January 15.

BCB stated officially that the head coach may part away, but he would have to serve the notice period, as per their earlier agreement. This would bind the coach to his team for another couple of months. On the letter from SLC, Chowdhury said the matter will be solved officially between the two cricket boards. The CEO further indicated that BCB is now mot interested to retain Hathurisingha as the coach already made his mind to part away. The BCB CEO does not have any complain on the head coach joining Sri Lanka, but he is resolute on keeping him entangled until the next campaign of Bangladesh against Sri Lanka.



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