CAC backs up Kumble for new Head Coach

 . Last updated on June 12, 2017, 4:04 PM
CAC backs up Kumble for new Head Coach
Anil Kumble has rendered several changes on the team’s management, which might be the bone of contention.

As reported at the latest, Kumble got a good backup from the Cricket Advisory Committee, responsible to select the coach of team India. The committee even decided to talk to Virat Kohli to settle the captain’s difference with the coach. Earlier Kohli was reported to have some issues with Kumble’s way within the team. Although, Kohli denied any such rifts with Anil Kumble, the Committee will seek for a separate meeting with the skipper. It is also suspected that there might be contentions among players on Kumble’s approach. The CAC has already met BCCI Secretary Amitabh Choudhary and CEO Rahul Johri.

Per an official, Cricket Advisory Committee and BCCI both wants Kumble to continue as the Coach. This has better prospects for team India as the squad has been doing well under the guidance of Kumble. The changes in several basic rules within the team certainly had positive results transforming India as a top team in international cricket circuit. Also, changing the coach will obviously break the continuity of position and how the teams is getting along with him. There is no guarantee such disagreements do not occur with the person. ACA agrees that Kumble is by far the best option to go with at this point of time.

Incumbent coach Kumble was in contract for a year as his induction was on a temporary basis. His term will end by the end of the ongoing champions trophy. Per BCCI, the general rule of appointed of a coach must be followed. The board rolled out the call for interview application for the role of coach to start the formality of appointment. CAC, however, wants to start the process safe, without any haste. It has also asked BCCI to offer them some time so that the committee could take a good decision on the matter. President CK Khanna has asked officially to postpone the interview process to after June 26, the special general meeting of the Board.


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