Broadcasters and Media Companies races for IPL Rights

 . Last updated on August 22, 2017, 3:36 PM
Broadcasters and Media Companies races for IPL Rights
Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter are also queuing up for IPL media rights.

Although IPL is months away and cricket fans of India did not recover from the mania of recently concluded tournament, the buzz for the next season is on for media companies. BCCI rolled out the call for media rights until September 1 and several top companies brought the Invitation to Tender (ITT). As reported, more than 20 media companies have bought the tenders. The last date of submission of these tenders is September 1. BCCI scheduled the last date of submission as August 28. However, it is now postponed by four days due to bank related constraints. There were bank holidays on the previously mentioned dates.

The list of companies will be sent to Supreme Court as per the revised rules of the board. Also, there was a petition forwarded by MP Subramanian Swamy to ensure transparency in the process. The MP pushed for e-auction of the bids so that any malpractice can be eradicated.

The list of those who have picked up the ITT will be submitted to the Supreme Court on Tuesday when the petition submitted by MP Subramanian Swamy asking for an e-auction to ensure transparency will come up for hearing. As reported several companies including Star India Private Limited, Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited, Amazon Seller Services, Yahoo, and Reliance Jio Digital are the top companies with ITTs. Also, Interactive Media, Times Internet Limited, Gulf DTH, SuperSport International, GroupM Media India, Bein IP are others in the race. The list also includes companies like Facebook, Discovery, ESPN Digital Media, Twitter, Airtel, Sky UK, BT Sport and so on.

BCCI rolled out the bids and consolidated bids and it is understood such bids tilts in in favor of television broadcasters. This will leave bidders like Amazon and Yahoo with primary platform as digital, on a backfoot compared to players like ESPN, Sony, or Star. Meanwhile, the Board is trying to maximize its revenue and digital market is supposed to offer better chances in this regard. However, BCCI seems to be a bit hesitant on this.


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