Breaking the umpiring Glass Ceiling: The top Four

 . Last updated on October 5, 2017, 3:25 PM
Breaking the umpiring Glass Ceiling: The top Four
Kathy Cross, Jacqueline Williams, Sue Redfern, and Claire Polosak has reached a step ahead in the umpiring arena.

The unbalanced equation between Men and Women in cricket is all apparent. The number of women players compared to men players has been quite depreciating. Least about umpires, but still a nation like Australia managed to hone 278 women umpires in the country. However, this is only 3% of total umpires in the country. Hence, women umpires are still only a little less than a bolt from a blue. So far there are only four women umpires in cricket, who broke into the top echelons of cricket, paring with their men counterparts. The four persons who broke the glass ceiling in cricket umpiring are Kathy Cross, Jaqueline Williams, Sue Redfern and last but not the least Claire Polosak.

Kathy Cross, the women umpire from New Zealand has officiated in 69 women international matches. Cross is the longest serving umpire on field from 2000-01. She officiated in the Women World Cups in 2000, 2009 and 2013. She also became the first women umpire to officiate World T20 in 2016. In 2014, ICC inducted Cross to the official umpire panel. Kathy Cross also officiated the List A level matches in New Zealand, in the men's version. West Indies umpire, Jacqueline Williams has officiated CPL matches, men first class and List A match in the Caribbean. She also officiated the ICC World Cricket League the year before.

Sue Redfern, the women umpire from England was also a player in the international team. She is the inclusion and diversity manager of ECB. She is the women to both play and officiate women world cup. Redfern has a rare accolade of officiating as a third umpire in a Men's ICC tournament. Polosak, the 29 years old umpire is the latest women to enter the limelight arena. Earlier, in a Men's Matador tournament, she officiated as the third umpire. She has no experience as a cricketer, but she has been one of the best umpires in the game.


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