Bizarre disclosure: BCCI treasurer threatened CFO to 'evaporate' and 'finish life'

 . Last updated on November 30, 2017, 2:11 PM
Bizarre disclosure: BCCI treasurer threatened CFO to 'evaporate' and 'finish life'
Santosh Rangnekar, BCCI CFO, alleged that Anirudh Chaudhary threatened him both for life and job.

The current court proceedings against BCCI in Supreme Court are taking bizarre turns on confessions of the Chief Financial Officer. In the recent hearing Santosh Rangnekar, BCCI CFO, disclosed that Anirudh Chaudhry threatened him for life thrice over official matters of the board. Allegedly, the chief treasurer threated him of life and job in three occasions.

The first was on 21 January at BCCI Cricket Center, Mumbai. Rangnekar said the Chaudhry called him inside the conference room and told him to switch off his mobile phone and check if there are any cameras in the room. The treasurer that told him that a FIR will be filed against the CEO and CFO because they used UBI account to run BCCI operations. This FIR will be off course turned down as fake by the court, but it will take the most disastrous trolls on both his personal and professional life. On his own words, his life will be “totally finished.” Chaudhry than threatened Rangnekar that if the latter was in Haryana, he “would have been evaporated.”

The next instance was on October 6, 2017 at ITC Maurya, Delhi. In this thread, Chaudhry told Rangnekar to take Potassium Cyanide instead of Solvine. The CFO said that Chaudhry made the comment with a “smile-death threat.” The next threat was on the same day when the treasurer said that he will “finish” the CFO soon. Allegedly, the treasurer said that the former’s time has come and if he does one more mistake Chaudhry will finish him. In his defense, Chaudhry retaliated by saying that no such things happened. The treasurer said the allegation was nothing but “blatant lies”. He was shocked at the comment and was ready file a reply.

In another development, the BCCI called a Special General Meeting on December 1. It will be held in Singapore. The objective is supposedly the Future Tour Program for 2019 to 2023, apart from other agendas. The CoA and CK Khanna, the acting President, have called the meeting.


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