Ben Stokes plunges to uncertainly after Bristol Incident

 . Last updated on October 12, 2017, 2:04 PM
Ben Stokes plunges to uncertainly after Bristol Incident
Ben Stokes lost the endorsement contract with New Balance over his latest immodesties.

Ben Stokes faced another lash back recently, as a backfire of his recent club mischief. At the latest, Stokes lost his contract with New Balance, the sportswear brand from America. The brand clearly stated that it "does not condone behavior by global athletes that does not match" with their brand culture and values. The Brand confirmed its end of relationship with Ben Stokes with immediate impact. Stokes was dropped from the series against West Indies after the late-night incident in London. The breach of contract with New Balance will be his first impact on financial terms apart from those associated with the game, due to the incident.

Ben Stokes was seen on a video footage beating a person repeatedly outside a bar in London. Other cricketers, his team mates were seen trying to resist him from the fight. However, Stokes erupted on the person and punched his face several times. The victims were taken to hospital immediately, while Stokes was taken to police custody. He was behind bars for the aggressive behavior. However, the cricketer was released without a charge the next day, after testimonies from other cricketers in the team. Stokes was suspended along with Alex Hales from the remaining series. There was a huddle in ECB following the incident.

Stokes was on news also because of another incident. A video surfaced where he mimicked Katie Price's disabled son. The player issued an apology after social media and press fired on him on the video. In other occasion, Stokes mocked the TV appearance of Harvey Price on social media. It was condemned over the social media strongly. Ben Stokes is currently on an undefined suspension. ECB did not issue any order regarding inclusion of the player in the team after the night club incident. His participation in the Ashes is uncertain presently.


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