BCCI’s new Headquarter debate or another Battle-cry for CoA

 . Last updated on July 4, 2018, 11:03 AM
BCCI’s new Headquarter debate or another Battle-cry for CoA
The current premise of BCCI Headquarter in Mumbai’s Wankhede

A couple of days back, acting President of BCCI, CK Khanna, proposed moving the head quarters of the board from Mumbai to Bengaluru. In his letters sent to state associations, he mentioned several reasons for the proposal including the fact that the current premise of BCCI at Wankhede Stadium is only on rent, with massive board not have any property of its own.

Recently, BCCI bought 40 acres near the Bengaluru airport to establish the new facility for National Cricket Academy. Per Khanna, the land will be used optimally if BBCI headquarters is moved along with the proposed NCA facility. The acting president proposed building every amenity in the estate including club houses, dining halls for cricketers, exclusive conference and meeting rooms. In the land, luxury world-class facilities such as swimming pools, cricket library, museum, indoor game facilities and other recreational amenities are also proposed.

Moving out the headquarters to the new estate in Bengaluru is a grand idea. Apart from providing a specific location for BCCI, the estate can be developed as a world-class facility dedicated completely to the sports in future. The NCA located in the same premises would make young cricketers familiar with global stature of the game through the facility.


Image Text 2: National Cricket Academy at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium Bengaluru will be moved to the 40-acre land near the city’s airport.


However, it would require the approval of all member states apart from the current Committee of Administrators of the Board. Khanna also proposed to bring on the interference of Supreme Court into the matter if required. He made it clear that the proposal to move the headquarters from Mumbai’s Wankhede to Bengaluru is “based on the intension to develop a state-of-art headquarters” for the Board.

Khanna’s proposal had a mixed response from state association. The worst, off course, came in from Mumbai Cricket Association as well as Saurashtra Cricket Association. And, the best is from Hyderabad Cricket Association. MCA and SCA opposed the proposal stating that BCCI headquarters have been in Mumbai since its inception and it should remain so. It said that the managing committee “feels” Wankhede should continue to be the Board’s headquarter. SCA backed its opposition stating Mumbai as the most suitable and appropriate for BCCI.

In contrast, per officials of HCA, the headquarters should be moved out of Mumbai as it is a congested place it has been there since eight decades. HCA secretary T Shesh Narayan appealed that “everybody should be given a chance”. He, in fact, proposed of an office for every zone adding, the board should function from every zone in rotation. Narayan also emphasized that his proposal would work forward for “decentralization”, which the Lodha recommendation wanted to achieve.

Per CK Khanna, the proposal to move the headquarter to Bengaluru is based on the intension to develop a state-of-art facility.


The Bengal Cricket Association is taking another stance indicating it wants the headquarters within its own premise. An official from the CAB said Kolkata is not a bad location to re-locate the headquarters. However, the board did not confirm is official response. Other two boards Tamil Nadu Cricket Association and Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association did not comment on the proposal so far.

Moving the headquarter of BCCI could bring another round of debate in the board. The CoA is successful so far, after stringent actions to bring around a uniformity in the board in the line of Lodha recommendation. Now, Khanna’s proposal might ring as another battle-cry for BCCI as well as the CoA.



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