BCCI's FTP likely to bring back Big Four Model, opposes Pakistan

 . Last updated on December 12, 2017, 2:30 PM
BCCI's FTP likely to bring back Big Four Model, opposes Pakistan
The FTP prepared by CEO Rahul Johri in consultation with other officials had a nod ahead from CoA.

BCCI rolling out the its Future Tour Program set a new issue in the global order of the game. As per the FTP, India is scheduled to play with the top countries like Australia, England, and South Africa from 2019 and 2023, in a closely packed schedule. The team is packed with lesser games in the unlimited format, while most of the tournaments are in to the limited and the shortest formats. As BCCI presented the proposal on ICC’s desk, issues came forth with some team, kept aloof from the program. Pakistan complained that the FTP includes no matches between India with their team. Meanwhile, BCCI might have followed India Government’s stance in Cricket Diplomacy.

BCCI, however, is working on imbalances of the FTP. In the recent Special General Meeting, the office bearers were set to nominate a special group to settle the issues in the tour program. The Member’ Participation Agreement will be also taken into consideration. The committee will be responsible for arranging the schedule of the team. It will be created at the approval of Committee of Administrators. The FTP also depends on availability of the team India is planning to play against.

The CoA has already approved the program. It supposedly, will do away with several imbalances in tours and schedules of team India. Per Anirudh Choudhary, the FTP will increase India’s home matches from 51 to 81, which is 60% increase compared to the current season. The total number of matches will increase by only 20%. Moreover, as the tournaments are more concentrated around the shorter and limited formats, the plan ensures adequate rest to cricketers, which the players have been long complaining about.

A concern with the FTP seems to be its perspective of following a schedule like that of the Big Four Model. In the model only top four test teams were involved in playing tournaments among themselves while leaving little rooms for other teams to play with. India proposing Test series with the top teams is posed to align the schedules to the previous model. Several members opposed the model earlier leading to its disposal by ICC.



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