BCCI Office Raj awaiting final nail in the coffin, CoA presents draft constitution in SC

 . Last updated on December 11, 2017, 9:14 AM
BCCI Office Raj awaiting final nail in the coffin, CoA presents draft constitution in SC
CoA presented the draft constitution following the Lodha Panel recommendations.

BCCI CoA presented the draft constitution of the board to the Supreme Court. The draft comprises of the recommendation of the Lodha Panel, which BCCI officials opposed vehemently. Moving ahead with the suggestions, the Committee also approached for a power shit from designations like Secretary and Treasurer to that of the CEO or other official designations.

The key factors such as one-state-one-vote, de-recognition of Members, term of office bearers, etc. were drafted without changes to earlier recommendations. Additionally, aspects like ad breaks, curbing powers of secretary and treasurer, role of selections were all drafted as per the Committee.

The draft constitution stated each state will be represented by state cricket association recognized by BCCI. Full-membership is limited to only one per state. This will restrict a single state to a single vote. This rule will end multiple voting rights of states like Maharashtra and Gujarat. Also, it will end membership of several independent clubs like Railways, Services, Cricket Club of India, National Cricket Club, and Association of Indian Universities.

Per the constitution, every state associated must have at least as single female representative with two player representatives, one each from male and female sides, and a representative of state’s accountant general office. The cooling period of three years remained and no disqualified official or representative can return in state associations again. This will do away with officials like N Srinivasan, Rajeev Shukla, Anirudh Chaudhary, and several others. The provision for consecutive terms of office bearers is also removed. Age cap of 70 years is drafted for any office bearers.

The new constitution will strip BCCI Secretary and Treasurer off powers. Signing authority is being transferred to CEO of BCCI instead. Per the CoA, this will ensure transparency in financial as well as administrative affairs. Among another provision in the constitution is the demand for uninterrupted broadcasting of cricket matches. Commercials will be restricted to only brakes like drinks, refreshments, and innings break.



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