BCCI CoA seeks Supreme Court intervention again

 . Last updated on March 23, 2017, 2:44 PM
BCCI CoA seeks Supreme Court intervention again
The final test between India and Australia is scheduled in Dharamshala Stadium, which is under HPCA.

BCCI has yet not settled its differences with the state associations even after the Supreme Court appointed committee took on its helm. Lately, the CoA has knocked the apex court’s door once again seeking its interference. The committee is worried over the possibility of any disruptions from state associations in the fourth test between India and Australia as well as the IPL. In the recently submitted status report to the court, the CoA sidelined Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association because of “intransigence.” However, as the final test between Australia and India is scheduled in Dharamshala Cricket ground, which is under HPCA, the association might disrupt the fixture.

Another issue was also with Saurashtra Cricket Association, who is believed to ask more funds to host IPL matches. BCCI alleged that SCA has substantial amount as reserves. In the status report the CoA asked Supreme Court to issue appropriate directions to ensure smooth conduct of the fourth test and IPL fixtures. As alleged by BCCI, HPCA asked the board to release money to host the test, but it did not follow the order stated by the court. Per the order, BCCI should ‘cease and desist’ from disbursing funds to state associations who does not adhere to Lodha recommendations.

Now HPCA is asking funds from BCCI for smooth conduct of the latest test match between India and Australia. Per BCCI, HPCA has enough funds to conduct the test. The report also stated that in March 31, 2016, the association had 6.27 Crores of rupees. In 2016 along, BCCI transferred 54.44 Crore rupees to HPCA alone between April and October. In addition to this it also received 16 Crores as BCCI’s grand for cancellation of Champions League T20.

With such tussles of finance and funds, BCCI sniffed troubles ahead of IPL, which is set to start after half a month. IPL is hosted across 10 state association in their stadiums. Several associations like Hyderabad Cricket Association could not even pay salaries to their staff. SCA has been seeking funds to conduct IPL in the range of 30 lakhs per match. This is the amount received by every venue to host IPL.


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