BCCI CoA directs State Associations to draft resolutions

 . Last updated on September 19, 2017, 12:48 PM
BCCI CoA directs State Associations to draft resolutions
So far, only the Vidarbha Cricket Association has complied with the Lodha recommendation.

CoA undertook another strong step towards implementation of Lodha Panel's resolution. As the domestic seasons are set to start soon, state associations will require financial aid from the board. To smoothen the process of fund disbursement, the Committee wants the state associations to undertake a draft resolution to implement the Lodha recommendations. This will enable BCCI to transfer the dues to state associations. The draft resolution states two points. The first is to undertake, implement and support the reforms as proposed by the Committee and the second is to comply with the orders of July 18, 2016 within a month.

The Associated BCCI members and state associations, which did not comply with the Lodha Recommendations are being barred from payments. As both domestic and international tournaments are going on, they are undergoing financial constraints. Now the members are approaching BCCI for funds to carry on with their official activities. However, only Vidarbha Cricket Association has complied with the recommendations so far, with no other joining the bandwagon. On the other hand, the BCCI has resolved not to disburse funds to members and states not complying with the court orders.

BCCI is still making payments to associations and members to conduct cricket matches. By the end of December this year, 11 ODIs, nine T20 Internationals and three Test hosting Australia, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka. The CoA regrets for the present status of the member associations, but they allowed the funds only to conduct the matches. BCCI is paying to third parties that takes care of cricket operations. The all any state association should do is to draft a resolution and get it passed by the General Body.

Only adopting the resolutions will allow BCCI to make payments to state boards and members. Previously, the JKCA, Jammu & Kashmir Cricket Association stated its inability to participate in the forthcoming Ranji Trophy.


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