BCCI Administrators could approach SC again

 . Last updated on May 12, 2017, 5:50 PM
BCCI Administrators could approach SC again
ICC scraped the Big Three Model for finance distribution setting of the tussle against BCCI.
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BCCI and ICC is going though one of the toughest times in administrative disputes. BCCI is trying to break free from the new rules and regulation that curtailed the most imperative requirement for an organization, money. And, ICC is hell bent to put a cap on BCCI’s supremacy in Global Cricket circuit. The irony, it is under the enterprise of an ex-BCCI chairman who migrated as the ICC-chairman turning the table against his own stepping stone.

In its latest response, the Committee of Administrators, BCCI, commented that it would not hesitate to meddle up if on-doings of the board goes against interest of ‘Indian Cricket.’ In an email statement to state association, the CoA warned BCCI of taking the matter to Supreme Court. It stated that if BCCI took drastic measure which could ‘jeopardize’ the negotiations with ICC, it would not hesitate to bring Supreme Court into the equation.

After being sidelined from ICC at the latest voting on the new constitution, several office bearers and state associations wanted to act aggressively. They went to an extent of deciding to revoke the 2014 Members Partnership Agreement signed by BCCI and ICC. However, it could have turn out ugly, because, revoking the MPA would mean India getting excluded from upcoming Champions Trophy. Which in turn, would have had a catastrophic impact on Indian cricket. Per the CoA, an aggressive stance will only harm BCCI’s interest. The Committee thinks there is sufficient time to settle out disputes with ICC as the conference will be held in June 2017.

Bringing in the authority of Supreme Court into the scenario, the CoA expressed it would seek intervention in the matter when interest of Indian cricket is at stake. After meeting ICC, BCCI representatives expressed discerns on a trust deficit between the parties. BCCI’s argued the amount that it would receive from ICC is negligible compared to the contribution of the Board and India to global cricket. Meanwhile, other members accepted the fact that BCCI contributed much more, but at the same time, they also opposed the previous ‘Big Three Model,’ which ensured it a better financial share.


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