BCB ready to roll Dhaka Premier League with Player-by-Choice draft

 . Last updated on January 4, 2018, 5:26 PM
BCB ready to roll Dhaka Premier League with Player-by-Choice draft
Dhaka Premier League re-introduced the controversial Player-by-Choice draft again for the third season.

Bangladesh Cricket Board set off the formal process of Dhaka Premier League in a recent meeting between Cricket Committee of Dhaka Metropolis(CCDM) and associated clubs of the tournament. The meeting was in Mirpur, at BCB headquarters. The 50-overs tournament will start from February 5. CCDM chairman Kazi Inam Ahmed said they had shortage of cricket grounds, but as Bangladesh Cricket League is over, the stadiums are ready for Dhaka Premier League.

Apart from the re-introduction of Player-by-Choice draft, the preparation of the league is all fine. The rule was deemed as a controversial one after several complaints against it in the previous two sessions of the league. CCDM stated earlier that the process was drafted only for evaluation and it was to be discontinued. However, the committee is ready to roll out the third season as well with the same rule.

Player-by-Choice is controversial because following this rule, players are unable to choose the team. Only the teams could choose players and the vice-versa is not followed. This, Players-by-Choice offers team franchises the exclusive right to choose players, while taking away the rights to choose teams off cricketers. Following the rule, five players are retained by teams and unallotted players are selected via lotteries by clubs. Therefore, in the selection process, players have no rights to go for a team of their choice.

Per Ahmed, the 12 top grade players will not be among the retained players. This list of players will be published shortly. The chairman also highlighted the issue of payments in the selection process. He said, there are always concerns of irregular players. To do away with the issue, a new rule is enacted that makes clubs pay 50% of the total remuneration to retained players ahead of the final draft. If the team fails to pay, the player may leave the team and become available again for selection.


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