Bangladesh joins opponents on new ICC constitution

 . Last updated on March 16, 2017, 6:02 PM
Bangladesh joins opponents on new ICC constitution
Nazmul Hassan, BCB President said the board has no issues with the new financial model but some constitutional changes.

In a latest stance, BCB stated that it was not on par with two proposals in the new ICC constitution. In the latest February meet of ICC in Dubai the council adopted a new constitution with radical changes in its structure and internal functioning. The most striking changes were on its terms and relationship with member boards and associations. In the meeting, Bangladesh Cricket Board voted in favor of the new constitution. It means it was among the 7 members who voted for the new constitution. However, its recent stand against the proposals has made its support uncertain.

To pass the new constitution, ICC must gain a minimum of eight votes in the next meet in April. With Bangladesh pulling out of the equation, the situation is now ambiguous. BCB President Nazmul Hassan said the board did not agree with the proposal stating the full membership of a country can be reviewed. BCB is also opposing the decentralized voting system by full members. However, unlike India BCB has expressed no concerns on financial distribution model or the disruptions in Big Three Model. It might be because the board has nothing to lose in the new model financially like that of BCCI.

BCB have communicated its disapproval of the two points to ICC. The board wants that full membership status cannot be changed at all. He highlighted the fate of Zimbabwe, which is demoted from the status. The issue of voting rights, independent directors and increasing Associate members has changed the way ICC is related with the member boards. Hassan has also brought out the board’s disappointment in the recent changes on this front. He, however, added that BCB needs to understand the terms better and they will review the new set of rules closely.

On the other hand, BCB wants to come up “item-wise” in the next meet if ICC in April. Hassan said that there is nothing to oppose the financial distribution because Bangladesh is getting more money and it is on Bangladesh’s interest. It is only some parts of constitutional changes that are creating the trouble.


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