Ayesha Mukherjee - Shikhar Dhawan's wife and his secret to fitness

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Ayesha Mukherjee - Shikhar Dhawan's wife and his secret to fitness

The adorable pics of Ayesha Mukherjee with Shikhar Dhawan would never make you realize that she is 10 years older than him

While his teammates were after cute soulmates, Shikhar Dhawan found someone strong enough to hold his charming but tough personality. If Sachin Tendulkar’s wife is six years older than her hubby, Shikhar Dhawan found someone who is ten years older. Ayesha Mukherjee was born a decade ahead of the batsman, but surprisingly, this fact is hard to believe. The couple is just too pretty and definitely made for each other. Dhawan is known for his fitness and so is his wife. In fact, they are one among those couples, both of whom are celebrity sport stars. Ayesha is a kickboxer and she is also a reason behind Dhawan’s sturdy built up.

Born on 27th August in 1975, Ayesha Mukherjee’s father is from Bengal and her mother is of British decent. Her mother was an associate in nursing, working together with her father at an industrial plant. As soon as Ayesha was born, her parents moved to Australia. Brought up at the country, she now holds dual citizenship of both Australia and India. A dual background made her fluent in both Bengali and English.

It was Harbhajan Singh who introduced Shikhar to Ayesha

It was Harbhajan Singh who introduced Shikhar to Ayesha

Shikhar Dhawan is the second husband of Ayesha Mukherjee, as she was married before to an Australian businessman. However, after years, they got separated after begetting two children. Their first daughter, Aliyah, was born in 2000. Five years later, Rhea was born. All throughout the years their family life was happy until some personal issues erupted leading to divorce.

She met Dhawan on Facebook first, latter they got closer through Harbhajan Singh, their, mutual friend. Singh introduced Ayesha to Dhawan and the pair started to know each other. Both shared common hobbies and interest, which helped the relationship turn as love. They began to like each other despite the huge age gap.

When Dhawan divulged about his intention to marry Ayesha his family did not approve the relationship. Especially, his father opposed the relationship because of the mismatch in age, Ayesha’s divorce and also because she had two daughters. Still, his mother was in favor of the marriage. Finally, love won and Shikhar was successful to convince his father. They were engaged in 2009. Dhawan however, was not ready to marry as he wanted to devote quality time in cricket. The duo waited until 2012 to marry, finally tying the knot on 30th October, 2012.

Ayesha and Shikhar did not have a glamorous wedding. Rather, they celebrated it as a strict family affair full of customs and rituals. They were married in Sikh tradition, Dhawan being from the community. Later, they had a huge reception for his cricketer team-mates and celebrities.

 The couple was married in traditional Sikh rituals and customs

The couple was married in traditional Sikh rituals and customs

Dhawan became the step-father of two girl child with the marriage. Although unconventional, it is only a person with strong personality like Dhawan who can break the social conditioning. His first daughter Aliyah is only 15 years younger to him. It is Ayesha who ensured that Dhawan patch up with her daughters well. Once in an interview Dhawan disclosed that it was never difficult for him to get along. He said, destiny had two daughters for him and they came up in a jolt. Dhawan feels he is fortunate for the way his step-daughters love him. But sometimes, he has to face trouble as well. In 2017, once the family as halted at Dubai airport for being unable to produce birth certificates for their children.

Ayesha and Dhawan had a son named Zorawar Dhawan in 2014. Both of them post adorable pictures of their daughters and son on social media. The cricketer also posted a video of his younger daughter practicing gymnastic. The father’s love was reflecting in his message, saying he is amazed and proud of his daughter.

Ayesha’s arrival in Shikhar’s life certainly had a positive impact. After their wedding, Dhawan posed several impressive records. He knocked five ODI centuries in a single year in 2013. He also scored the fastest ton in Test cricket. Ayesha is a cheerful and bold lady. Being devoted to her profession as a kick boxer she is a fitness freak. Apart from her active life in sports, she is religious. She also cooks excellent Indian dishes. Dhawan found someone who could actually keep him fit for life as follows heavy workout sessions and strict fitness routine. She got the names of Rhea and Aliyah tattooed on her arms.

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