Australian Women Cricketers back up ACA on pay dispute

 . Last updated on June 8, 2017, 2:15 PM
Australian Women Cricketers back up ACA on pay dispute
Per Meg Lanning, Skipper of Women team, players are being able to stay strong and will continue to do that.

Australia Women cricketers are backing up the stance of Australian Cricketers’ Association against Cricket Australia. Recently, in a press meet, Meg Lanning, the women skipper declared their full support. Recently, Cricket Australia increased the pay grade of women players in both domestic and international level. Lanning said, the conclusion should be on a fair share to players. She wanted a fair deal for all cricketers. The new MoU proposed by CA included women players into the play list. So far, women cricketers were paid separately. As per current contract, female players will be paid Australian dollars 79,000 to 179,000. Earlier this range was 22,000 to 52,000.

Despite this massive facelift of paygrades, women players have decided to back their male counterparts. The cricketers wanted fixed rates of pay rather than fixed revenue percentage. This has been the primary discontent between players and the cricket board. Per Lanning, the players are united regarding payment and salary. Meg Lanning said, "All the players are behind a revenue share model for all cricketers, and we've been able to stay really strong and we'll continue to do that and hopefully there's a resolution pretty soon."

Per the skipper, cricketers should focus on tournaments now and let ACA and CA handle the dispute. She is focusing on the upcoming women world cup tournament. She would like to leave the matter to ACA, to negotiate on payer’s behalf. On pay hikes of women cricketers, she agreed that it was on the right direction. Lanning said the stance is as a group of players including male, female, domestic and international. She said, it is about every player playing the game at grassroot levels as well. "At the start, we came out with what we wanted and where we wanted to go and we're pretty clear on that," she added.

The Australian Women team is heading to England for Women World Cup due to start soon. The women players are handed short term contracts until the end of the tournament, as after June 30, official contracts of all Aussie players will expire.


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