Australian Cricketers ‘Unemployed’ from tomorrow

 . Last updated on June 30, 2017, 2:58 PM
Australian Cricketers ‘Unemployed’ from tomorrow
The top cricketers like Smith and Warner go out of contract.

It is June 30, the last day of the valid MoU between Australian cricketers and the cricket board of the country, Cricket Australia. Australian players will go unemployed from tomorrow, which might incur a negative impact on the upcoming schedules and tournaments. Team Australia was scheduled for a Test tour to Bangladesh in August-September. Immediately after the tour, Australia was also to play an ODI series against India. Now due to the pay dispute, these series are all in jeopardy, along with the upcoming Ashes series. The impasse will hit Australia A team as well. The team will tour South Africa shortly. It will be followed by a tri-series tournament involving the India A team.

The women cricketers are currently on World Cup campaign. The board has extended a special contract to the team to play until the World Cup tournament is over. The end of MoU means almost 230 players, including the likes of Steven Smith and David Warner, going out of contract. Going out of contract means being without pay. However, some players are with multi-year contract and the expiring MoU will not impact them. These players will need to practice and play matches as before.

Australian Cricketers Association will meet in Sydney to discuss the further road-map. The Association will hear the responses of players and will consider their viewpoints on the issue. Meanwhile, Cricket Australia is also planning to issue tour contracts to players in the team who has expired contract. Players like Glenn Maxwell and Usman Khawaja will be offered the proposition. However, it will depend on players if they agree to the deal or not. If the players do not agree, it would mean a boycott of these tournaments.

Cricket Australia has been pressing on to change the payment model. Currently, as per the MoU players are receiving about 25% of the gross revenue of match or tournament. CA proposed to replace it with fixed payment for cricketers as well a portion of the profits.


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