Australia wins Second Test by 7 wickets, levels Series against Bangladesh

 . Last updated on September 8, 2017, 12:29 PM
Australia wins Second Test by 7 wickets, levels Series against Bangladesh
Nathan Lyon claimed 7 wickets in the first inning and 6 wickets in the next helping Australia to nick the match.

Australia finally came out victorious on the fourth day of the second and the final Test. Apart from strikers like David Warner and Peter Handscomb, a greater credit of the victory goes to Nathan Lyon. The spinner emerged as almost a single-handed defender of the inning knocking down six wickets. In the second inning, Bangladesh could score only 157 runs, remaining largely subdued in the inning. Australia's seven wicket victory came up as a sign of the team's adaptability to difficult and different condition.

Nathan Lyon toppled seven wickets in the previous inning. Australia was quite dominant with the bowlers graded deliveries. He conjured changing paces, massive bounces, and excellent flights on the Chittagong pitch. The ground was also utilized by Bangladesh spinners, but the likes of David Warner scored high runs only after moving down their normal play. The aggressive players became docile to understand the pitch and to work out the solutions to spin attacks. Warner knocked his slowest century in the match. This factor, the change of batting approach, lacked in Bangladesh batsmen as they surrendered one after another to Australia's spin attack. Nathan Lyon claimed a total of 22 wickets in the match.

Pat Cummings was another player who came out as a handy bet against Bangladesh. He started the slog in the chase with Soumya Sarkar's early wicket. It was the joint impact of Cummings and Lyon that brought down the pressure at Bangladesh. The inning became wobbly since the early overs and run rate slowed down drastically. The team played 71'overs and a couple of balls exhausting the batting line up completely. All the home squad could do is to aggregate 157 runs. The target became almost a cake walk for Australia. In its second inning, the visitors had only a little to do to win the match. The target of 87 was a comfortable stretch for the team. Australia played 15.3 overs with losing three wickets to win the match. The series is drawn with the win. The result has put Australia on fifth of ICC team ranking. Bangladesh is now the ninth team on the ICC rank chart.


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