Australia prepares to Tour Bangladesh by 2017 amidst security tussles

 . Last updated on January 4, 2017, 1:03 PM
Australia prepares to Tour Bangladesh by 2017 amidst security tussles
Security of cricketers became a priority since the militant attack on Sri Lanka team touring Pakistan in 2009.
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Although unfortunate, security tussles in certain cricket playing nations is still bothering the sport. Australia, scheduled for the Bangladesh tour in 2017, has reached only "quite high" possibilities to make it happen. If there are no further issues and negative developments in the South Asian nation, Team Australia is almost certain to arrive there to play two Tests. In 2015, the tour was postponed following an advice from the Australian government. The team restrained from visiting in October of the year, as there were "high risks" involved in security.

Cricket Australia also refrained from sending in the Under-19 for the World Cup 2016 season in Bangladesh. As stated by government agencies, they had reliable information on militants targeting Australian interests in Bangladesh. They warned Cricket Australia about the concern, which in return, cancelled the tours. In the recent review of security, government sources changed their stature a bit shifting from a specific "Australian Interest"to a "Western Interest" in general. With the development, Cricket Australia signals a green sign on the tour.

James Sutherland, CEO of Cricket Australia, thinks the possibilities of Australia playing in Bangladesh are quite high. He pointed out the successful tour of England into the nation by the latter part of 2016, even though it was under stringent security. Cricket Australia also sent the head of security, Sean Carroll, to observe the conditions in Bangladesh. He studied the situation and security measures for about ten days. The Board is monitoring the happenings and developments in Bangladesh closely. However, Sutherland did not refrain from accepting the fact that "anything can happen between now and then."

Still, the board has started its preparation for the tour on a positive note, planning per the scheduled matches. He also confirmed that "a good deal of comfort" is received on how security measures are put up by the Bangladesh government. He assumes that Australia will be playing in Bangladesh. The dates are not fixed yet and they are supposed to be scheduled in August or September. Citing the tour as important, Sutherland told that safety is a fundamental issue and that judgements will be made accordingly.

The CEO further highlighted the pressure to tour Bangladesh as the team has not played a test series in Bangladesh since 2006. Last time, it was played more than a decade ago in Chittagong. Australia played an ODI series in April 2011.


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