Australia ahead of India by third day in Pune test

 . Last updated on March 6, 2017, 11:45 AM
Australia ahead of India by third day in Pune test
Nathan Lyon dismissed 7 wickets in the first Inning to wobble India.

After the first defeat at Pune, India still seems to be lagging in the second test as well. It is the third day and India batsmen as well as bowlers could not pull up a challenging stance in the match so far. The team scored 189 batting their first inning. This time, the inning met Nathan Lyon as a havoc, who struck down eight wickets. The lower order especially, could not withstand the attack losing themselves at ducks and single figures. The only showdown was from Lokesh Rahul, who scored 90 runs batting for almost the whole inning. He was the second last wicket, removed before Ishant Sharma, in the pre-ultimate delivery.

In the second inning, Australia confronted India’s spinners briskly and hauled their score to a leading position. The scores were uniform throughout the line-up, being struck by bowlers occasionally. In overall, India bowlers could maintain a pressure, but it was not just enough to contain Australia. The lead runs that is nearing to three digit figures could be a match winning factor for the visitors. The lackadaisical aspects are apparent in both bowling as well as batting in India’s stance against the team. Australia has been strong with partnerships.

The pitch is dry and his helping India in the second inning. There are sharp turns and skidding fast bowling. Still Australia batsmen secured a better strike rate in comparison to India. Australia lost 6 wickets for 197 runs. It was not such that they did not have to try hard.

The batsmen toiled for paltry runs playing carefully against strong, but unsuccessful appeals from India bowlers. It was same for India bowlers as well, particularly in the morning session of the third day. Both the teams seem to be in pressure, but India should definitely shed more emphasize as they already lost the first match and Australia is leading the second match as well so far.


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