Aussie players boycott Team A tour to South Africa

 . Last updated on July 6, 2017, 3:40 PM
Aussie players boycott Team A tour to South Africa
Batsman Usman Khawaja is the captain of Australia A team.

The day dispute between Australian Cricketers and the Board, Cricket Australia hit its first palpable impact on international cricket. The Australia A squad cancelled the tour to South Africa, which was due to start shortly. The team comprises of several top Australian players including Glenn Maxwell, Usman Khawaja, and Travis Head. The players cited ‘logistics’ as the reason of their cancellation of the tour. ACA Chief Alistair Nicholson the A team cancelled the tour as there was no progress towards resolving the current dispute. Nicholson added it was a “great frustration.”

Since the MoU between players and CA ended by June, more than 200 cricketers are now unemployed and out of contract. This also includes female cricketers. The ACA Chief said Australia A players has “sacrificed their own ambition for the collective.” He said the “players are deeply disappointed at the behavior of CA.” Per the official, it is CA that has forced players to this stage while players would have been rather playing for their nation.

The decision of boycott the tour was made earlier. There was an emergency executive ACA meeting where the plan to cancel the tour was decided, if players cannot find a way an amicable way to handle the situation before the tour. It was one of the 14 resolution ACA took on the meeting. Cricket Australia has been hard handed on the issue of pay dispute. There are no scopes of mediation between both the parties in the current scenario. Meanwhile, ACA appealed James Sutherland, CEO of the Australia board to have “common sense.”

On the other side, Cricket Australia has also expressed their disappointment on players. A spokesperson said that the board will never attempt to compel any player to play if they are unwilling. Reportedly, the tour costed CA around 250,000 dollars, which will be allocated to National Communities Facilities Fund. The spokesperson said the talks between CA and ACA is going on and the decision of players is regrettable.


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