Aussie Cricketers standing united against Cricket Australia

 . Last updated on May 18, 2017, 9:35 AM
Aussie Cricketers standing united against Cricket Australia
It is Warner Vs Sutherland now. David Warner is one of the top faces in Australia Cricketers’ Association.

After being though a long stretch of woeful series a “very un-Australian” performance, the Kangaroo team hit a latest road block. Australia is the most respected team in cricket and the only one to claim the highest number of World Cup trophies. Lately, there has been a tussle between Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketers’ Association over payment to players. Now it went to the point of the legendary Ashes on the verge of being abandoned if in case, the issue worsens.

David Warner, the Aussie Vice-captain said if issues are not resolved, players might even keep out from the Ashes, which is scheduled in Australia this season. Also, the domestic T20 tournament might be affected. The dispute was over the preservation of the fixed revenue-percentage model, which Cricket Australia, the nation’s cricket board wants to scrap. Australian Cricketer’s Association, backed by players are resistant to any change over the payment model.

Earlier, James Sutherland stated harshly, if players do not comply to the proposed changes, they would find themselves as unemployed. This created a good furor amongst the cricket circuit and as especially among players. Per Warner, all players are united and would not hesitate to break up the foundation of the current MoU between Player’s Association and the Board.

Warner said, "If it gets to the extreme, they might not have a team for the Ashes." He hoped an agreement and of course does not want to see a season without any cricket and a team. Making it clear, he said, it was up to the CA and ACA to deal with. The player also added, such a situation was anticipated, but it came surprisingly early on the table. The players are “standing together and very strong.” It is loud and clear: Players “want a fair share and the revenue-sharing model” and they are going to stick together until they get it. The standoff, however, would dent Australian cricket. Meanwhile, the Board should also keep the morale of player’s intact.


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